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Nächste Veranstaltungen:
Dienstag, 16 May 2017
19.30 Uhr

Dr. Eamonn Butler
University Glasgow
"Brexit – the view from Scotland and Northern Ireland"

Einführende Worte: Christian Schweiger
Universität Durham / Chemnitz

Amalienstrasse 38
80799 München
(U-Bahn Haltestelle: Universität)


The result of the June 2016 referendum on whether the United Kingdom should leave the European Union highlighted the stark divisions between constituent nations of the UK, with England and Wales voting to leave, and Scotland and Northern Ireland voting to remain. The decision of the UK Conservative-led government to pursue a ‘hard Brexit’ and withdraw completely from not only the EU political institutions but also from the Single European Market creates real concern in Scotland and Northern Ireland. This concern precipitates a possible constitutional crisis for the UK. This is reflected in the Scottish Government announcement to hold a second independence referendum before the spring of 2019 and demands among non-Unionist groups in Northern Ireland for a possible border referendum or agreement on a differentiated settlement for the province which, if agreed, could allow for accusations of ‘favouritism’ by other UK nations and regions.

The talk will explore these issues with special focus on the post-Brexit referendum developments in Scotland, how the Scottish independence movement is preparing for a second referendum and what the implications of this are for both the UK and Europe.

Dr Eamonn Butler is a Lecturer in Global Security & Central and East European Studies. He is the main local organiser for the upcoming Council for European Studies’ 24th International Conference for Europeanists, to be held in July 2017 in Glasgow. He is also finalising the co-editing of a forthcoming book (Routledge) on Reconceptualising Energy Security in Central Europe and he has published in a number of journals including Europe-Asia Studies, Geopolitics, and International Journal of Energy Security and Environmental Research.

Originally from Northern Ireland, Dr Butler has been based in Scotland for more than twenty years.